osu! Tourney Match Displayer v2.0
App Release and Showmatches
12th January 2023 @17:00UTC
  • Everyone can register
  • Players must be in the
    Discord Server to get updates about the event!
  • This event will be entirely streamed on Twitch at akinari_live
  • Depending how many commentators I'll find, the stream could be in Italian language, but feel free to join and message in English too!
  • App will be released at the end of the stream
  • Depending on how many players will register, we will make qualifiers lobbies every 16 players
  • All the qualifiers lobbies will be played at the same time
  • Top 16 players will be ordered by Average score using descending order.
  • Top 2 players will play the 1vs1 Match and be captains for TeamVS Match
  • Top 16 players will proceed to TeamVS Match
  • Top 1 and Top 2 will be the captains
  • The top 16 players from qualifiers will be chosen by the captains using Draft format
  • Best of 9
  • 1 Ban
Players gets:1st badge2nd badge
Badges will be displayed on o!TMD profiles and Akinari Website profiles
  • Top 1 will match against Top 2
  • Best of 9
  • 1 Ban
Winner get:Winner badge
Badge will be displayed on o!TMD profile and Akinari Website profile
Mappool will be released on 5th January 2023
You have to login to be able to join the event!
#1Mathia propic
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#2marshallracer propic
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#3AlessandroCH propic
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